My website will be a wonderful crazy quilt of personal reflections, anecdotes, excerpts from my novels and more. This a a cordial invitation to everyone to drop in and make yourself at home. As the poet has said, “I am a part of all that I have met.” In my case that’s plenty. So whoever you are, I think we can find some common cord somewhere and hang-out together for a little while.

First a little tasteless self-promotion on my part. I have written 10 novels. They are heart felt, probing, insightful and sometimes riveting – all the stuff the critics extol. – They are also funny in places and sometimes sentimental (the things most real people like more than critics do). They are always about victory, even in the trenches. They engage heart and mind. I still believe in happy endings as long as they are authentic (and mine are). I have experienced wonderful moments and laughter, even in hard times, so I always put that in my writing the way it is in life.

Whether you an avid reader who submerges himself in massive, complex works or a workaholic who permits himself only the occasional quick break in order to protect himself from exploding or emploding, I believe there will be something of value for you here. I invite your comments. I want to know if my work has touched a cord. Did it entertain, encourage, comfort, make you glad, sad, mad, etc. Anything is better than indifferent. Come up and see me some time.

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