An Artist’s Diary – Page 1

I call this painting course “AN ARTIST’S DIARY” because it will include my personal experience of painting on a day to day level – the delights and the difficulties and how I deal with them – as well as the usual “how to” and “with what” that most courses provide. I will start with oil painting simply because it is the medium in which I am currently working, but hope to cover other mediums later. For some time now, my painting sessions have gone smoothly and have brought some success. But the particular project I will be showing you has hit some snags. I could attempt to preserve my ego and leave these out, but I want you to see that even an experienced artist sometimes faces such challenges and can learn something of value from them to apply later (just as in life, itself).

I paint in a relatively realistic style rather than in one of the more avant guard genre such as Expressionism or Cubism. I respect these other genre, but have made a choice that suits me. I encourage you to make the choice right for you. Also I am not pedantic in methodology. I had the usual art lessons early on and also spent years copying the work of other artists. But a lot of what I have learned and produced came from trial and error and from my own personal vision which has evolved through many stages over many years. I was a commercial artist for almost 25 years and have been retired for nearly 20. I am still learning because I am a work in progress myself. Take from these what you wish and add your own. – Have at it and enjoy.

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