042When the Cooper-Legrees entered the cellar to fight the Barkin Bugger-Legrees (for eating up the food) the Bad Bitin Bustin-Legrees crept out of the darkness growling and hissing, their vicious eyes gleaming. They had weapons in hand (though even their teeth and claws were deadly). The Bad Bitin Bustin-Legrees were the most ferocious rabbits known so that even the worst outlaws of the old west avoided them. The Bad Bitin Bustin-Legrees had come up from El Paso, Texas where they ate rattle snakes and wild cats like some ate apples. The Barkin Bugger-Legrees had enlisted their aid as allies against the Cooper-Legree when they saw they were about to lose the battle. – Later they would be sorry they had!

The Bad Bitin Bustin-Legrees were fierce warriors against the Cooper-Legrees (just as the Barkin Bugger Legrees had hoped their allies would be). But soon the Bad Bitin Bustin-Legrees started turning on the Barkin Bugger Legrees, as well, nearly killing Bucky Tucky. Finally Bertha Bigfoot (Bucky’s wife) had a plan. One night Bertha invited the Bad Bitin Bustin-Legrees to dance with her, then beat them up with her giant feet and droves them out of Charleston.

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