Long-Eared Zingle and the other Barkin Bugger-Legrees eat the cellar food until they are bloated. This goes on nightly until they are discovered and war begins between the Cooper-Legress (Ashley’s side) and the Barkin Bugger-Legrees. The Cooper-Legrees were settled, gentle rabbits, not used to the rough and tumble life that the Barkin Bugger-Legrees had always known out in the wilds. At first, the Cooper-Legrees were losing the battle for this reason. But the Cooper-Legrees were also more disciplined. In the long run this made the Cooper-Legrees keep going when the Barkin Bugger-Legrees started to slack off. Barkin Bugger Legrees got in a rage fast, but were not used to keeping on keeping on once the rage died down.

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