Be Silent and Know

Most of my blogs are about positive thinking, taking action (with God’s help), making a difference, meeting one’s potential, fighting the good fight. I still encourage all those things. But there are also times when the body or mind or both are in lock down. Our master plan has been interrupted or ended. I have been there in varying degrees (though not as severely as some). There is a verse in Scripture, “Be still and know that I am God”. We use the expression, “Still waters run deep”. That is so in this “knowing stillness”. It is more profound than words or action or logical thought. – To do so is not bitter resignation or the end – It is the way through and out into ultimate victory.

It is a feeling of leaving behind the cares of the world for a while and even the care of the self. In it the finite self seems to vaporize into the infinite loving sovereignty of God. It is the total letting go of the reins into His all-sufficient hands. The reins are actually in His hands anyhow, so this is really a step above (not below) our usual state of mind. 

We must not dwell on disaster. However, we must find that fine balance line between our usual purpose driven, eager, active lives in which we seem in control and on the way to something better and better and better, and that other side of the coin in which we have an epiphany that we are not in control and are vulnerable. If we do not recognize this balance, we are caught off-guard, umprepared, in a state of shock and there is a terror in that state of mind that may be greater than the crisis itself.

In our weakness, He shows Himself stronger than we usually imagine. And I have found that He really does “make streams in the desert” when we least expect them. I have intermittantly found laughter in the darkness, intense warmth between my self and another, wisdom. And those riches have remained with me once the crisis passed.

In slowing down a little, we can also see, hear, smell the details of life around us in a way we usually disregard in lieu of those “more important things”. A water droplet on the petal of a flower becomes a universe. A moth has a tiny face. We look into it knowing he is sent to us at this moment by the Maker of us both. 

We watch a caterpillar move across the windowsill on tiny feet and note the delicate markings on his little body. Does he know he will become a butterfly after a time of dark incarceration in his cocoon. Does he know he will have to struggle his way out of the cocoon, but that it will be worth it. 

I felt compelled to write this blog at a moment when I would, ordinarily, have gone on to another project. I do not know why. But on the premise that I may be obeying the still small voice of God, I have said what came to me as I wrote. – Maybe it is a word for you.

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