Byte-Size History – Page 5

Insanity began to be seen by some as a rational response to a world gone mad. Andre Breton observed a World War I soldier who began to live in hisown parrallet universe in which he believed he was invulnerable to the war because the war was only a play with actors using dummy bullets and stage props. Breton would later incorporate this concept into new modes of theater such as the Theater of the Absurd and into literature.

In keeping with this line of thought, Dr. R.D. Lang (psychiatrist) believed that any child could become schizophrenic in a family in which the parents directed him to act in one way morally while they, themselves, acted in the opposite way. The child is pulled between 2 “rights” which cancel one another out. Therefore he sees himself as wrong regardless of what he does. Unable to bear this sense of fragmentation and self-contempt, he may created hisown parrallet world in which he directs hisown behaviors and moral choices. Only in doing this can he feel that he is acting rightly and has worth. – I ask if this is at the bottom of many aberrant choices made by young people today.

Returning to Scripture, we are told that we are to bring up a child in the way he should go and that when he is old he will not depart from it. The peer group of a child and his connection to film, rock music and other influences are powerful, but his parents should still be his major role models (as well as instructors).

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