Byte-Syze History – Part 7

World War I (despite its horror) fostered some positive innovations – plastic surgery, safe blood transfusion, improved IQ tests (also more widely used),taking of vitamins, understanding of blood physiology, greater acceptance of psychiatry and analysis. Regardless of such progress, there is often a drawing back and pressing down of the human spirit.

Wittgenstein (1918) said that to be clear, philosophers must lower their sights to a careful description of facts (rather than grandly announcing  their innovative hypotheses of the past). We must define our terms since language has its limitations. His philosophy of Logical Positivism stresses that we must lower our sights generally from now on.

Jumping ahead nearly 60 years, Daniel Bell (1976) speaks of a vast tolerance and melding of world views. Certainly that perspective is politically correct and once seemed to be hopelessly predominant, but due to recent events, I am beginning to question it. Since the election of President Barack Obama (and backed by a Liberal legislature), I have watched vast unrest in the Conservative faction of th nation.

Best selling books, the Internet, Fox News, talk radio, the Christian pulpit, etc. have blazed with despair, rage, and a call to action against the selling of this country down the river of no return.  Astonishing talk of secession by some states from the Union has arisen for the first time in about 150 years. Widespread “Tea Parties” have included vast numbers of loyal, patriotic, hard-working dissidents raising their voices against taxation without representation (due to the current startling billions spent on bailouts). Talk of Conspiracy Theory was once the darling of reactionary fringe groups. Now it is getting another look/see from more level-headed people who would never have espoused such things in years past. End times prophesy is also coming to the fore in places it was never taken seriously before and certain persons in high political positions have been posited by some as the Antichrist.

All this tells me that there has actually been no blending or leveling of world views at all and that the term “politically correct” has become a joke. There is an explosive tension in the air. While some pray for revelation, righteous reform, and a referendum on certain political moves recently put through our legislature, others have thrown-up their hands in despair and committed murder of their families and suicide.

Others see all this agony as the manifestation of end times prophesy and cling to the hope that the Rapture will occur at any moment. These have essentially shrugged off our present dilemma as good riddance to bad rubbish. I, too (as a born again Christian) look longingly for the Rapture. But I know there are souls that must be saved (if possible) before it comes and I believe we must try to do our best with what we have while here. When I see starving children, jobs lost, health lost, minds lost, I cannot shrug it off. – What would Jesus do?

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