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In regard to Conspiracy Theory, the big problem with secret societies (especially the Free Masons) is that their members may put their pledges to that secret society and their loyalty to their fellow members above the good of their own sovereign country. This especially disturbing when we consider how many Presidents of the United States (and other high public officials and leaders in private enterprise) have been Free Masons.

Say, for example, that the President of the United States is a member of the Free Masons (as many presidents have been). Would he give aid, alliance, or consent to the wishes of a fellow Free Mason who is the president of a foreign country, even if that person were an avowed enemy of the United States. Would that same president (or legislator or Supreme Court justice) also promote a global government and global religion in view of the fact that Free Masons (according to certain pledges taken at certain higher degrees of Free Masonry) seem to infer such a position.

Would the CEO of a large corporation (who is a Free Mason) feel perfectly justified in calling on high public officials (also Free Masons) for big bailouts? Would those public officials feel obligated to grant such requests from their “brothers”? Would a president of a country or of a corporation give plum positions to his “brothers” in lieu of persons best qualified for such positions, even if it meant the downfall of that country  or that firm? Would he feel justified in such favoritism, even if “non-brothers” had to suffer the consequences in lost jobs, lost homes, or a lost nation? Would if distress him that “non-brothers” (already treated so savagely) had to pick up the tab for it in taxes? Would a corporation executive send jobs needed in the United States overseas due to requests by foreign “brothers”?

The list if such potential (or actual) atrocities goes on an on. After a certain level (in government and in business) is our ostensibly “democratic republic” still democratic and is our onstensibly “free enterprise system” still free – even now? – Of course this disturbing concept could also be used wrongly to justify one’s failure. The blame game can only go so far, even if some of it is based in fact. Still, these issues might reasonably be factored into a wiser understanding of how things actually work. Having explained my reason for including secret societies  in my Conspiracy Theory series, the blogs that will follow will expose some of the pertinent the details.

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