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The ILLUMINATI was founded May 1, 1776 in Ingalstadt (Upper Bavaria) by Jesuit taught Adam Weishaupt. It was made up of free thinkers (an aspect of the Enlightenment). Some beleiv its purpose was to infiltrate and  overthrow the governments of many European states. They called themselves the “Perfectibilists”. They pledged themselves to obedience to their superiors and were divided into 3 main classes (each with several degrees).

Illuminati had branches in most countries of the European continent and included some 2,000 members. The Illuminati attracted great literary men such as Gerthe and Herder as well as the Dukes of Gotha and Weimer. In 1785, the Bavarian government’s Secular Edict eliminated the Illuminati legally. However, the Illuminati are believed by some to have continued underground to this day, under other names, but with the same purpose of world domination by secretly manipulating events.

BILDERBERGERS  are considered by some to be an Illuminati descendant. They are believed to go back hundreds of years, manipulating the economy to enrich themselves at the average person’s expense. However, one of their most significant meeting was on on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia, in the spring of 1908. At this meeting (among others present) were representatives from the Rockefellers and the JP Morgan banking firm and the Assistanct Secretary of the Treasury of the US. They drew up a plan for a scientific currency system for the United States and pressured Congress into establishing the Federal Reserve (a group of bankers who meet privately to shape the money supply).

Bilderbergers met in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg (thus the name) though it called itself “The Alliance”. (They had decided to meet annually from this point forward). Now its governing council included Henry Kissinger, Daniel Ellsberg, Stansfield Turner (later CIA director) and others representing the New York Times and certain banking institutions (including Rothschilde). Lord (Victor) Rothschilde and Laurence Rockefeller handpicked 100 of the world’s elite. Their purpose was “European integration” and they contended that “where the politicians have failed, we industrialists will succeed”. They helped give birth to the European Community (later the European Union) and their ultimate goal is said to be a one-world government.

Bilderbergers meet at various places throughout the world, but their permanent Bilderberg Secretariat is in the Hague, Netherlands. Their address in the US is in New York City at the same location as the Trilateral Commission and the Carneigie Endowment for International Peace. The American Friends of Bilderbergs is an IRS-approved charitable organization. It has received contributions from Exxon, Arco, and IBM. Their meetings are Funded by the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and the Carneigie Endowment fund. All this support and cooperation from such high level institutions in government and business alike plainly indicates the massive power behind this goal.

There are about 120 persons invited to the Bilderberg meetings. Of these, 2/3 are from Europe, 1/3 from the US. Government officials and politicians compose 1/3 of them and 2/3 are from finance, industry, labor, education, and communications. These meetings are closed to the public and the press. Only a brief conference is held at the end of these meetings to reveal general topics discussed. The resort areas where these meetings are held are cleared of all other visitors. However, the area is then surrounded by soldiers, armed guards, the Secret Service, state and local police. All conference rooms are scanned for bugging devices before every meeting. – Activities and famous members of the Bilderbers will be discussed in more detail in the next blog. – It will be a startling revelation!

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