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The Knights Templar are often related to the Conspiracy Theory. Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Hughes de Payans and his comrades first took their vows to the order in 1118 in the Castle Arginy. In the Crusades they took control of the remains of the Temple in Jerusalem (thus the name). They eventually amassed vast wealth and lent at interest to kings and business tycoons of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Then King Philip the Fair of France (in desperate need of money) determined to confiscate their treasure. In 1314, King Philip fabricated the multiple charges of sedition, sodomy, and the worship of Baphomet (an androgynous goat god) against their Grand Master, Jacques de Moles, condemning him to be burned at the stake. Then the King legally abolished the order of the Knights Templar and took their wealth (though, it is believed, not all of it).

It is believed that the Knights Templar survived underground and then re-emerged in in 1717 in Britain as the Free Masons. Even now the Free Masons honor Jaques de Molay by naming their order for young boys “Order de Molay”. As with the Illuminati (who called themselves “Perfectable”) there is a belief in the perfectability of man (a concept opposite of Christian doctrine). Their term “points of light” refers to sparks of divinity within the “illuminized” (perfect man). – (Note President Bush’s reference to “a thousand points of light”).

In Free Masonry, the Egyption sun god, Horus, represents the perfect man. Light comes from the center of such a man and spreads out to the society as a whole. But this illuminated man remains superior to others, regardless. The ordinary man must submit to the illuminated man (presumably for his own best interest – a serious affront to the concept of a democracy so sacred to Americans).

The 3 lower orders of Free Masonry are called the Blue Lodges. They are admirably involved in good works and comraderie. However, they are not informed at all (or are misinformed) about the mysteries of the higher orders of Free Masonry. These higher orders take a vow to obey their Free Mason superiors without reserve, putting aside all “prejudices” that may preclude that. This presumably could mean religious faith, good morals, sovereign country, other important obligations or vows, etc. (And there is another serious problem for a Free Mason in high political office).

Skull & Bones (Yale University’s Black Lodge of Free Masonry – Black Lodge being a higher order of Free Masonry) began at Yale in 1832. It is now referred to as the “Russel Trust”. Its members are called “Bonesmen”. It is touted as America’s most powerful secret society. George Bush was tapped (initiated) in 1968 at the group’s Yale headquarters, a mausoleum called “the tomb”. When undergraduates broke into it, they discovered in its red velvet inner sanctum a large pentagram (occult symbol) on the wall. To be fair to the Republicans,  John Kerry, Democrat, was also a member. As I have noted earlier, this whole thing crosses political and national borders.

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