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At a recent Bilderberger meeting, a plan to put microchips in the entire population of the earth by 2017 was set as a goal. This seems to me to feed directly into the Bible’s end times prophesy of the “mark of the Beast” without which nobody can buy or sell (including food). Such a chip could be easily scanned to keep track of goods and services purchased (then automatically deducted from their checking accounts). Also, the government could keep track of that individual’s whereabouts and all activities. Such a chip could originally be scanned only from a distance of 3 to 12 inches. Now it can be scanned from miles away (even from satellites). Some would say this is needed for “homeland security”. But it is clearly one of those paradoxes in which an ostensibly positive step is easily twisted into a dangerous one.

By the “Compliance 2000 Strategy”, the US government can legally check your expenditures to see if you seem to have more money than you claim to on you IRS forms. There is a plan for building a “clipper chip” into every Fax machine, cable TV box, ATM, etc. capable of sending or receiving a digital data stream. Everything this clipper chip encodes would then be able to be decoded by the government. Of course if one is technologically savvy, he might be able to use scrambling devices for his protection. But if the Fed discovers this, it could wonder what he is trying to hide and investigate.

Beyond use of the above technology for investigation of tax fraud or homeland security issues, we must look at the current demand for “politically correct” speech which finds any criticism of the gay/lesbian lifestyle (or any other moral issue) so repugnant that a “Hate Crimes” bill is being concocted. If signed into LAW, those who preach the gospel, share their personal witness, or even express disagreement with any form of immorality, abortion, etc. could be legally convicted. The ACLU  is currently attempting to prohibit chaplains from using the name “Jesus” in their public prayers and benedictions.

The Latin phrase “annuit coeptis” was put on the dollar bill (just above the pyramid) in 1933. It means “announcing the birth of”. It is reasonably speculated that “New World Order” will soon be placed beneath that phrase. The pyramid itself contains the “all seeing eye”.

Prompting Globalism as a commercial necessity is the so called “third wave economy” by which the parts of a car (for example) are built seperately in 4 different countries, then are all assembled in a 5th country. This demands that capital flow easily across national boundaries. Therefore any national regulations and barriers to this (long rightly initiated to protect the economy of a sovereign country) have come under attack. Now all nations have seen economic collapse (partially due to this). Ironcically, a global economy is seen by many as the solution to the problem (when it is actually part of the cause).

The “Omnibus Crime Bill” would remove all guns from personal possession, but leave the police and military with guns. Criminals will (as always) get guns as they please. In a worse case scenario, we would be at the mercy of the the police (remember the Nazi SS) and criminals at the same time.

Even years ago, a friend of mine commented that there are many govenment buildings with bobwire fences around them, the top portion of which are slanted in toward the building. Plainly, this would keep people inside rather than keeping intruders from getting in. I found this hard to believe until I looked around a little and realized it was sometimes so.These bobwired buildings and gun control legislation seem to me to go together (along with the microchips and hate crimes legislation, etc.). I do not think I need to draw you a picture pointing out the sinister possiblilties. But there are now photographs of the insides of certain government buildings on the internet that seem to infer the worst if you care to check them out. I did so not long ago.

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