Conspiracy – Page 8

Crisis hatches a demand for unusual security measures, but a security ultimately at the expense of our freedoms. Again, according to Hegel’s theory, we have thesis, then antithesis, creating synthesis (in this case the New World Order).

In 1917, President Wilson initiated martial law abrogating the Constitutional rights of Americans by prohibiting any criticism of our engagement in World War I.

After World War I, our Constitutional liberties were restored, but in the 1930’s, President Roosevelt, due the crisis of the Great Depression, reinstated certain controls. This time such controls remained. Now (in both cases) precedent had been set for removing personal liberties  for “the national good”. Silver coins were legally confiscated from individual Americans by the federal government so that silver no longer backed paper money. Some have advised (during this current economic crisis) that we buy gold since the dollar is becoming more and more devalued. But the federal government can legally confiscate gold of certain types under certain circumstances from American citizens.

In the 1960’s came the “war on poverty” and “war on drugs”, etc. Again, noble sounding, but with potential hidden agendas. Every thing has to be a war or crisis. Part of this may be a diversionary tactic to take the mass mind off of the dark machinations beneath.

We breathed a sigh of relief when the Soviet Union (ostensibly) fell, but this left new democracies in Eastern Europe that  needed protection by NATO (as a buffer between Russia and Germany). Again, unity for security (but does it also play into Globalism)?

The United Nations has projected that by 2050, we must reduce the world population by at least 2 billion people (ostensibly so all will have sufficient food, etc). However, to do this would require a considerable number of wars, abortions, euthanasias, and viral plagues. It has been posited that epidemics such as AIDS  were actually created in laboratories for this purpose and then introduced into certain populations considered less worthy of life than others. Could the same be so of certain wars and the push for acceptance of abortion and euthanasia as morally justifiable?

Global government, to be manageable, would require 3 major regional governments. This is already coming into being in — the European Union — NACOM (North American Common Market – comprising US, Mexico, and Canada) — Regional Government in the Pacific Rim (headquartered in Tokyo). — Such regional governments are usually first launched as economic unions (again, to avoid economic crisis) – the EEC (European Economic Comunity) — NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) between the US and Mexico.

The United Nations was established in New York City in 1945. Like the League of Nations (initiated after World War I) it was ostensibly to avoid another World War II horror. But what value has it actually and at what cost?  Though the US foots the bill for 1/3 of the UN, it is dominated by our enemies. It requires a Russian officer to be its chief military commander and its Charter is based on the Russian Constitution.

New military operations of the UN are being used to justify the existence and expansion of the New World Army which could eventually usurp the armies of formerly sovereign nations such as our own. Examples of this mis-use of UN military forces are Desert Storm, Somalia, Ruwanda, Bosnia, and Haiti.  The UN sent an army into Haiti to put Aristide (a Marxist) into control in lieu of its former dictator. – Why? – Would it not have done more good to go into Cuba and remove Castro if we are going to intervene in Caribbean politics?

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) believed by some to be a potential “shadow government”, totally prepaired to take over in a national catastrophe. It has computer power and satellite uplinks adequate to control all the communications systems in the US. All this is housed in Mount Weather in Berryville, Virginia as an underground city with high security. Though ostensible for our security, it is believed by some to be a tool of current day Illuminati organizations.

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