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Continuing with the Conspiracy Theory, we must look at the subtle indoctrination of past, current and future generations. John Dewey (1859- 1952) who founded the modern American Public School System as we know it) was a secular humanist who espoused the One World concept. Willard Givens (1887-1971), the Executive Secretary of the NEA (National Education Association), from 1935 to 1952, believed in social control and a socialistic economy (even though he was anti-Communist). He said (1934) that the major function of education is the social orientation of the individual.

I ask the question, Why can’t the child simply be taught information (practical and cultural) and then be permitted to use and enjoy it in his own way while he defines his own personal perspective? As with the Illuminati, there is the idea here that the average person (child or adult) does not have the ability or rightful authority to make such personal decisions. Presumably the child’s parents, pastors, etc. do not have the ability or right to guide the child either. Only the government and its school system does.

Behavioral Modification (a system of positive and negative reinforcement) is a fundamental facet of educational psychology. It is based on animal experimentation (not human) such as the famous experiments of Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) on dogs and the work of BF Skinner (1904-1990) which Skinner called “Radical Behaviorism”. The latter seems to imply that all behaviors can be analyzed according to such scientific research. This is a step beyond Pavlov and, in my mind, seems to eliminate the spiritual aspects of man’s thought process entirely.

Behavioral Modification assumes (in keeping with Darwinism) that human beings are simply an advanced evolvement of certain lower animal species rather than a separate entity (Created in God’s Image) with a higher and different order of thought. Man has been known to knowingly martyr himself for a higher cause. Where does that fit with such shallow positive/negative reinforcement?

It is doubtlessly so that people are influenced by their environments. However, unlike animals, they have free choice rather than simple instinct alone. They need not be a product of that environment. They can (and often have) overcome  negative  environments and gone on to success (even to making great contributions to mankind). They can analyze their environment and then accept or reject facets of it. They can use self-control, forfeiting immediate gratification for higher long-term goals. They can forgive even if they cannot forget. They can take courage and the higher road. I do not infer that this is easy or always immediate, but that it is doable because humans have a spark of the Creator in them. –  They do not require either a national or global government leash!

Paradoxically, many liberal government officials and educators have overcome poverty, bigotry, and negative family environments to get where they are, and yet they seemingly disavow that it is possible for others to do so. – Why? – While saying they have compassion for the disadvantaged, they are in a subtle way looking down on them as being less capable than they, themselves, are. If people awakened to this fact, they would feel more insulted by national welfare reform and globalism than comforted by it.

To sum up – I want the United States to remain a sovereign democratic republic, strong and productive. I want to see help for the poor, aged and infirm in certain limited and responsibly run social programs as well as charities (but never total socialism per se). Is this country always perfect? No. But I want our citizens (not subjects) to be able to make changes for the better rather than the UN or some other Global organization.

The United States is a kind of living organism which sometimes has to throw off toxins and revitalize itself. We did that in giving women the right to vote in 1920. We did that in the 1950’s by ending segregation and in securing voting rights for blacks. We have made stride in other areas and are still working for justice for all. Still, like that other living organism, the human body, this country must continue to survive on certain, unalterable, fundamental principles as expressed in our Constiturion and Declaration of Independence. If we do not do that, we are no longer the country we were. We become something else entirely.

I have written this series of blogs to aid awareness of what we appear to be facing and I call for informed, courageous, bold (but also moral) initiatives on the part of our citizenry. I have more information in my notes than I have written here and there is more occuring of a doubious nature even as I write this. Still, I believe you get the drift.

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