Female “Circumcision” – Part 1

When I ran across this horror years ago in my history studies, I felt shock waves go through me. However, I had not realized the extent to which it still goes on all over the world (evidently even in this country) due to immigration, even though it has been legally banned here and most places. Then a friend brought it to my attention a few days ago and suggested it as a potential blog.

It is called by several names including:  female circumcision – female genital cutting – female genital mutilation, etc. There are records of it going back as far asthe time of the pharaohs in 163 BC in Egypt (hundreds of years before Islam which began in the 7th Century AD). It is performed on girls any time between infancy and puberty (but usually between the ages of 4 and 8). 

Generally (but not always) it is ordered by Islamic parents to assure that their daughter will come to marriage as a virgins. It is assumed that a girl will not be marriagabe without such a procedure and, therefore, it is ostensibly done in her “best interest”.

There are several types of female circumcision TYPE 1 partially or totally removes the clitoris/and or clitoral hood (prepuce)  – TYPE 2 partially or totally removes the clitoris and labia minora. – TYPE 3  narrows the vaginal opening with a covering seal (which is done by cutting and repositioning the labia minora or majora). This may be done with or without the excision of the clitoris (infibulation).  This is the most extensive form of female circumcision and account for about 10% of cases. It is sometimes called Pharaonic Circumcision. – TYPE 4 includes any one of various procedures including pricking, piercing, incising, scraping, cauterizing, burning, scarring the genitalia, etc.

If a licensed physician refuses to do female circumcision, there is a potential for such parents having it done by someone less qualified (often without anesthetic or sterile conditions or surgical training). Some who reside in the United States or Europe have taken their daughters back to Africa and various Middle Eastern coutries for the surgery. Then they return with it finished and the legal authorities are none the wiser. Therefore it is hard to uphold laws against it even where they exist. Some mothers have even performed the surgery themselves.  

Because of the above reasons, even doctors who oppose female circumcision may feel pressured into performing it as the lesser of two evils. Some, too, have suggested that a small prick of the female genitalia as a token circumcision may suffice for some who can at least claim that it has been performe. Such physicians may have a point, but it is not a good enough one as I see it.

In this time of political correctness, tolerance of others religions and cultures, and the push toward globalism, female circumcision is a sticky point. How can the civilized world tolerate such a crime against humanity even if it does insult certain groups? It must end forever!

I am discussing this issue in 2 blogs. The second and final one goes into details that are alarming. Reader beware.

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