HOMER AND DAISY is the story of  a woman (Margaret) with two small twins (Homer and Daisy) deserted by her gay husband (Silas) for his gay lover. Silas loves his family, but now realizes he cannot change his sexual orientation after all. Silas (a successful architecht) offers to continue supporting them all in his absence as long as he has access to the children. Margaret refuses.

Margaret works at a local newspaper for a time then moves to the country with her friend (Lou Ann) so they can raise and sell organic vegetables in their own business. There, Lou Ann falls for Jonah (a local preacher), but it is Margaret who wins him and they are soon to marry.

Suddenly Silas shows up. He has AIDS and has lost his job. Even those who treat him medically consider him a pariah and do so coldly, further humiliating and alienating him. He asks Margaret to take him in and care for him until he dies. Reluctantly, she does so (against Lou Ann’s wishes). As her husband he had once been demanding, possessive, and cynical. Now, having known the cruelty of the world, he has learned compassion. He and Margaret soon begin a tender (though platonic) relationship.

Margaret breaks her engagement to Jonah. Now Lou Ann moves in like a shark and re-takes Jonah for herself. As Silas’ condition worsens, he begs Margaret to kill him. She refuses. While Margaret and the children are away one night, Silas tells Lou Ann he will give her a fortune if she will kill him. He shows Lou Ann thousands of dollars under his mattress. She agrees to the bargain (wanting to go to Hawaii and start over now that her realtionship with Jonah is foundering).

While Lou Ann is downstairs getting the butcher knife to cut Silas’ throat, Silas calls the police department to tell them Lou Ann is a murderess and that they can pick her up at the airport shortly. After the murder, she is arrested there. Margaret is devestated. She visits Lou Ann in ner cell, saying she wants to help her, but Lou Ann is too embittered to accept it.

After a time Jonah returns. He still loves Margaret, but realizes her angst. He is there only as a friend at first but that is what she needs. At last there is an inference that they will marry.

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