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For years I have felt jerked around by the exercise gurus. Is it aerobics every day or every other day? Is it any strength training on a given muscle group to be done every other day or does this apply only to body builders who lift hundreds of pounds? Stretches always seemed to me innocuous enough, but one source cautioned against too much of that also.

Some have told me to do aerobics 30 to 45 minutes at one stretch for the best results (and in the correct heart rate target zone, of course). Others have said we get the same effect by doing 10 minutes of aerobics 3 or 4 times a day. Also  interval training (in which we change the exercises we do every few weeks so that we continue to improve rather than having a plateau) was said to be necessary for results. – Now just how many types of exercise machines would this take?

Most tell me to do aerobics as the best way to burn more calories so as to lose weight. However we also know that the more muscle we have, the faster calories are burned. If you cannot do it all, which should come first and most (aerobics or strength)?. –  Like many people, I have been as confused as I have been fatigued, exasperated, and discouraged.

Now I have discovered a couple of references to extreme energy bursts (some call this interval training) mixed, at intervals, with the normal exercise routine that givea you a superior workout in a fraction of the time. In only 2 weeks, results should show. This got my attention. This uses 8 SECONDS HIGH INTENSITY between 12 SECONDS OF NORMAL EXERCISE., alternationg over a total period of 20 MINUTES done 3 TIMES PER WEEK. on NON-CONSECUTIVE DAYS. This routine caused people to slim down, losing fat without dieting and (at the same time) built one and a half pounds of muscle (which revs up the metabolisn ) in only 4 months. Even stubborn belly fat was lost. Metabolism is higher even on days no exercise is being done. Normally lactate (a by-product of carbohydrate breakdown) is built up during vigorous exercise. Ironically, lactate can even inhibit fat burning. But using short extreme bursts of exercise produces less lactate. Therefore, there is less such inhibition of fat burning. Also, it is believed that short hard bursts produce adrenaline (which burns up belly fat). Those doing this new regimine felt stronger, firmer, and more energized. This routine is basically in the aerobic category, yet seems to be giving advantages normally restricted to resistance training as well. This is extraordinary! This routine is not just for the young and fit. This article says it can be safely done by those who are obese, older, or have diabetes or heart disease. Still it urges that one check with their doctor first (and so do I). Exercises vary. They include bicycling, sprints, walks, marches, twists, jumping jacks, treadmills, etc. – I plant to do mine on my Cardiofit machine which looks a little like a bicycle, but is actually like an upright rowing machine. – In the normal mode you should be barely able to carry on a conversation. In the energy bust mode, talking should be nearly impossible.

The article encourages us to add weights on non-consecutive days and other traditional aerobic exercises on non- interval burst days for even faster results. Also the amount of time in the enery burst interval periods can be adjusted. For example there is the 8 minute total workout composed of 30 second (rather than 8 second) energy bursts at intervals between normal aerobics.

How wonderful it is to discover, use and benefit from these wonderful things that God created and knew of all along while we debated the issue. I invite you to always turn to Him, The Great Physician, first and foremost in the health of body and mind and all other areas of life.

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